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Artistic Engraving is the first and foremost source for hand engraving, trusted by professional musicians and manufacturers throughout the world. Backed by over 38 years in the industry, Artistic Engraving provides the finest in the art of hand engraving for your instrument.

Each trumpet, cornet, flute, saxophones, trombones, tuba and sousaphones that arrive are handled with the utmost care, hand engraved with regard given to the finest detail. No machine engraving or stamping is used in the engraving process...only hand engravers providing the richness of lines and ornamentation that can only be created by a master engraver.

Artistic Engraving is committed to creating for you an exquisite hand engraved masterpiece. Whether you play professionally or for fun we want to showcase you and your instrument. Artistic Engraving maintains a continually expanding archive of vintage designs to aid in the selection of design choices.

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